I’m an avid user of Last.Fm; a fantastic website for discovering new music and tracking your listening habits. Using the Scrobbler or outside sources such as Spotify, you can build your music profile online. The Last.Fm Scrobbler is simple to download and use plus works with a variety of media players including iTunes and WMP. […]

This band vs That band…

Honestly? Who cares? Iron Maiden vs Metallica Slipknot vs Mushroomhead Blah, blah, blah. YOUR ARGUMENTS ARE PATHETIC. Last.fm, although a website I love, makes me lose faith in the human race.


Hi there! My name is Jack and I’m an avid music fan. Anything from 70s progressive rock to modern day dubstep and death metal. Recently I started a feature on Facebook to introduce my friends to my¬†eclectic music taste, and so far it’s been doing ok. But now I want to delve deeper into what […]