Monday 2nd April – Fortress

The year is 2008 and ‘Protest The Hero’ have just released their second album, ‘Fortress’. Ever willing to try new bands I bought myself the album without ever having heard any PTH before. I rarely do that, and never once have I regretted doing it with ‘Fortress’. ‘Fortress’ is an unrelenting mass assault on the […]

My Top 10….Funeral For A Friend Songs

Funeral For A Friend for me are like a fine whiskey; the older they have gotten, the more mature and well developed they have become. My addiction to FFAF came with the release of their album ‘Casually Dressed And Deep In Conversation’ released in 2003. For me it is a fantastic album that, in my […]


I’m an avid user of Last.Fm; a fantastic website for discovering new music and tracking your listening habits. Using the Scrobbler or outside sources such as Spotify, you can build your music profile online. The Last.Fm Scrobbler is simple to download and use plus works with a variety of media players including iTunes and WMP. […]

My Top 10… Led Zeppelin Songs

A double dosing of top 10s this week for you all to enjoy. Tonight’s feature, as you can tell from the title, is on the one and only Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin are probably one of the most instrumental bands who helped craft rock, and dare I say it, metal, today. Without them I dread […]

My Top 10…. Pink Floyd Songs

OOOOH I hear you shout, a top 10 Pink Floyd songs list? Surely it’s impossible? Well, you can be forgiven for thinking that! I simply love Pink Floyd. End of. They were one of the first older bands my Dad introduced to me a few years ago whilst I was still in my ‘listen to […]

This band vs That band…

Honestly? Who cares? Iron Maiden vs Metallica Slipknot vs Mushroomhead Blah, blah, blah. YOUR ARGUMENTS ARE PATHETIC. Last.fm, although a website I love, makes me lose faith in the human race.

Monday 26th – The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

Whether you love or hate them, concept albums have always made some sort of ripple on the music world. Released by Genesis in 1974, ‘The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway’ marked the end of an era for the band when after touring the album, Peter Gabriel suddenly left the group. Telling the story of Rael, […]