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My Top 10…. Pink Floyd Songs

OOOOH I hear you shout, a top 10 Pink Floyd songs list? Surely it’s impossible?

Well, you can be forgiven for thinking that!

I simply love Pink Floyd. End of. They were one of the first older bands my Dad introduced to me a few years ago whilst I was still in my ‘listen to anything with heavy guitars and growling’ phase. To put it simply, I was astounded at how much I enjoyed listening to ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’. I never really thought I would enjoy it. How wrong I was.

From there on it has been a journey into a much broader music collection that I now own. Bands such as Led Zeppelin, Yes, Genesis, King Crimson & Jethro Tull (to name a few), fast became, and to this day remain, firm favourites on my CD player.

Anyway enough of that, here’s the list folks:

1) Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)

2) Wish You Were Here

3) Us And Them

4) Brain Damage

5) Comfortably Numb

6) High Hopes

7) Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

8) One Of These Days

9) Welcome To The Machine

10) San Tropez


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